Caring for Your Handwovens

High quality handwovens, properly cared for, should last a lifetime or more. I recommend washing sparingly. When you must, hand or machine wash gently, cool and with a mild soap. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. Hang or lay flat to dry. Ironing is fine, just be sure to use cooler settings if your product contains metallic or nylon. 
Enemies of your handwovens are Velcro, and potentially earrings and other jewelry. If a thread gets caught, don’t freak! It’s just a pull and can usually be corrected by gently tugging the cowl from two ends several inches to either side of the pull.
If you’re storing for a long period a few sprigs of a fragrant herb or drops of essential oil will keep them fresh and any critters away. Lavender, eucalyptus and cedar are some of my favorites. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out. I hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind piece for years to come!


Wearing Your Handwovens

Dont over think it! The cowls look great no matter how you wear them, but for a little how-to click here. I'll do a video on the neckerchiefs sometime too.