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I rarely buy myself anything new, but since winter is free(zing), I indulged in this glorious hand-woven (as in, on a loom surrounded by many children and maybe some goats) cowl by Bri Weaves to add a little sparkle to the mid-season mind loss. I mean, if you're gonna lose the thread and wander off the page a few steps, might as well do it with pizzazz. This is not a sponsored assignment, I just think it's wicked cool to start your own business as a busy mama doing the thing you love, especially when that thing you love warms other people up and makes them feel like they belong in another century—half in the past/half in the future, IF you were wondering.

Akka B
Upstate NY


Bri is a magical person & she transforms that magic into gorgeous woven heirloom pieces. I have a gorgeous cowl by her that I wear *all the time* & constantly get compliments on. Her work is top quality due to her expertise & I couldn't more highly recommend her products.

Louisville, Kentucky


Wearing your work makes me feel artistic, sophisticated and powerful. I know it's "just" a cowl...but when I wear it, I just feel connected to the craftsmanship, care, and womanhood it embodies. Thanks. Mean it.

Munfordville, Kentucky


I purchased a Bri original cowl. I love wearing it. It is sooo cozy and also I love looking at how the colours blend into each other seamlessly. And knowing that this was all woven on a hand loom. In this fast paced world it is nice to wear something where so much care, time and effort has been put in to create a one off wearable piece of art.

Sydney, Australia


Thank you, Bri! I love my cowl! It's so soft and warm, especially on nippy Autumn days! I also love how it smells! It's so beautiful!

Louisville, Kentucky


Bri makes beautiful work! The cowls are stylish and warm, perfect as a statement piece and for keeping icy wind off your neck! My kids love the adorable pixie hats, too. They are always wearing them to play in.

Louisville, Kentucky


Each cowl is unique, beautiful and comfortable. I love Bri's choice of colors, the weave and material used. There's always one waiting for purchase on my wish list, it's hard to choose!

Vancouver, Washington

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